Crypto Board Game based on the animated series Salsa Valley Stories

Salsa Valley is an exciting new board game  that lets you experience all the thrills of the crypto market in a fun way. Aside the fun excitement, the one of the game points is helping you to learn about cryptoworld as you play. So if you're an experienced cryptoenthusiast or just starting out, Salsa Valley will give you endless hours of entertainment! Use your character's superpower and starting capital, roll the dice, play NFT cards, collect token animal sets, place cryptoproject offices and houses in Salsa Valley, and use your own strategy and luck to earn as much hot cryptopepper for salsa sauce as possible.

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Salsa Valley Stories are the short stories about Salsa Valley (like the Silicon Valley but in crypto) - funny meme cartoon series with trolling cryptonews, cryptoprojects and market situations. The characters are:

  • residents and local cryptoenthusiasts - peppers and nachos;
  • corn Elon X - crazy creator;
  • Salsa Lady - author of the famous hot salsa sauce;
  • eternal competitors, creators of cryptocurrencies: Nakamoto, Vitalik, Don CZ and Don Halapeno, who use the energy of the Bitcoin volcano, the magic of the Ethereum pyramid, the water power of the ancient underground rivers and the green energy of spicy salsa sauce;
  • Sheriff Tomato, who unsuccessfully tries to catch сryptohackers;
  • Hot Street Bets teens gang, who love teasing Doge, Shib and the endless other meme-tokens: dogs, cats and hamsters, - who dream of going #ToTheMoon.

What's in the box?

The main elements of the game are:


  • 12 variations of the playing board, consisting of four double-sided pieces connected by puzzle-like locks.
  • 10 characters that give players various advantages (superpowers)
  • Personal DEX wallet and three types of game currencies: SALSA, BNB and ETH
  • Orange and purple tokens dogs, cats and hamsters created on the BSC and Ethereum blockchains
  • NFT cards for upgrading characters and getting bonuses
  • Airdrop cards for getting money
  • News cards that imitate the random news background in the crypto market, affecting events in the game.
  • Tiles of cryptoprojects and real estate
  • Tiles of catapults (meaning shilling by Influencers in the real cryptoworld) to increase tokens yields.
  • Two throwing cubes.
  • Four sets of colored dice (one set for each player) to account for victory points denoting cryptopreneurs


Players get money and NFT cards at the beginning of the game and at each starting pass according to their character's conditions for token purchases, real estate, NFT card payments, and payouts to other players.


During the game, players can take one action each step at a time to choose from:


  • Roll the dice, move a token to the dropped number around the game board and take the action of the spot to which you have moved.
  • Play an NFT card by paying its cost in the specified currency, and make an upgrade of your character
  • Buy or sell a house / project office
  • Take an action with a catapult to increase your tokens yield
  • Pay and claim Milestone or fund to reserve Awards for your achievements in the game
  • Play special sectors: #PumpIt, #DumpIt, #VivaLaSalsa, #LazerEyeUntil1BUSD, #ToTheMoon, #Casino, #Carousel, #DogeRacing, #MiningFridge, which make it fun and rewarding to earn extra cryptopeppers.


The game will end when all the green squares on the game board for putting the marker cubes to gain crypto peppers are taken.


To determine the winner, you need to count the number of placed houses and offices of cryptoprojects, winning cryptopers on your DEX wallet and on NFT cards.


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